Attention, parents in Greenpoint and Williamsburg! The Wriggle, your trusted source for family-friendly activities, has just launched an innovative solution to simplify your booking process and make exploring new experiences with your children easier than ever before.

Introducing The Wriggle’s new Class Pass – a game-changer for busy parents seeking flexibility and convenience when it comes to booking activities for their kids. With this exciting new feature, parents can now explore a wide range of local class providers offering drop-in classes, allowing you to try before committing to a full semester.

Gone are the days of feeling pressured to sign up for an entire semester of classes without knowing if it’s the right fit for your child. With The Wriggle’s Class Pass, you have the freedom to sample different activities and providers, family activities ensuring that your child’s interests and preferences are met before making a commitment.

But that’s not all – The Wriggle’s Class Pass also offers flexibility in budgeting and scheduling. Parents can set their budget and book classes accordingly, ensuring that they stay within their financial constraints while still providing enriching experiences for their children. No more worrying about overspending or being tied down to rigid schedules – The Wriggle’s Class Pass puts you in control of your family’s activity planning.

Booking classes with The Wriggle’s Class Pass is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply browse through the curated selection of drop-in classes offered by local providers, select the ones that pique your interest, and book them at your convenience. Whether it’s a music class on Monday morning or a cooking workshop on Saturday afternoon, you can tailor your child’s schedule to fit your family’s lifestyle.

Join the growing community of parents who are embracing The Wriggle’s Class Pass as their go-to solution for hassle-free activity planning. Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of booking kids’ activities and hello to a world of flexibility, convenience, and endless possibilities for family fun.

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