1. Australia’s Reserve Bank has announced its decision to implement 10 recommendations proposed in a review, including reducing the number of meetings held each year. The review, titled “Fit for the Future of the Reserve Bank of Australia,” was initiated by the Morrison government and evaluated the central bank’s performance over the past 30 years. While the review found that Australia’s current monetary policy framework is appropriate and effective, it recommended reducing the number of meetings held each year. Starting in 2024, the board will meet eight times a year instead of the current 11. The board will also oversee the bank’s research agenda related to monetary policy and financial stability.

Despite receiving positive evaluations, Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe discussed the review’s recommendations on monetary policy decision-making and communication and made the following decisions:

– The board will publish the post-decision statement instead of the governor.

– The governor will hold a media conference after each board meeting to explain the decision.

– Quarterly monetary policy statements will be released simultaneously with board meeting results.

– The board will sign the Monetary Policy Statement in addition to the governor.

– The board will have an opportunity to attend internal staff meetings before board meetings to hear broader employee views and ask questions.

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