Considering these risks, it’s fair to ask the question: is it safe to shop online? adult shop london For the most part, yes, online shopping is a safe activity. But individuals can make it unsafe by themselves and their internet and online shopping habits. That’s exactly what cybercriminals expect. They involve using weak passwords or the same username and password for each online account. They involve using a public Wi-Fi network to log into private accounts. You could potentially cost you much more money than your cash in the bank account—it could cost you your identity. There are regular stories online of online fraudsters and hackers, but the truth is that cybercriminals are less likely to get hold of your credit card details over the internet than by phone, through the mail, or in restaurants. Despite that, safe online shopping requires an extra measure of vigilance. How can I tell if a site is safe to buy from? So, how do you tell the difference between safe and fraudulent online shopping sites? Check the SSL certificate SSL indicates that a website is secure for shopping. It’s an encryption method used by websites that ask for personal or sensitive information, such […] read more