Nowadays finding a skilled professional and good trade people is a difficult job. Especially a professionally who is licensed, bonded and insured. A number of advertisements will definitely have these three words printed on them so that people know that this company is reliable and a legitimate business. But some contractors and companies make fraudulent use and only claim to be licensed and bonded when in reality they are not. In short they do not run a legitimate business.

So how do you know if your gas fitter Local gas fitters Birmingham is telling the truth or lying about his license? Well, for starters you always have the right to ask for his license. One should not just believe the worker if he says he is licensed, he could mean his driving license. The license that he should have if he is legitimate is the master gas fitter license. Along with that he should also carry with his a local business license and maybe multiple business licenses for different municipalities that his company provides services to. The best thing about this is you can check the status of your gas fitter online easily. Being insured by a reliable and proper company is just an important factor. Its policy amount is of utmost importance. In case where an accident occurs and your house floods or burns down, insurance come to the rescue. The insurance that you should keep a look out for is the general liability insurance. It should have policy of at least $1 million. Since this is an expensive thing many contractors do not have it. But it is in your best interest to hire a gas fitter who does because such a worker is bound to take good care of you and your house.

A great place to look up such a gas fitter would be on the internet where a large number of such professionals are always available and have created websites to promote their business. But still care has to be taken in to account so that you do not become a target of fraud. There are even a large number of companies who offer these services. Finding these services online is and easy of also finding out their details and the services that they offer as well as running a comparison of the prices amongst different companies. Other than the internet, one can look up the yellow pages and the local newspaper. One other option for finding a gas fitter that is not known to many is by asking a real estate agent or a local agent. Friends and relatives are a good source as well since if they have already hired a professional they can give sound advice about whom to hire and at what price.