It seems that the whole world has gone text crazy. Walk down the street in any town and you will see people of all ages tap-tap-tapping on their cell phones. So as a real estate agent you may say to yourself, “Okay, sure but what does that have to do with me?” Well it has plenty to do with you. Texting has become one of the most popular, efficient and preferred methods of communication. Recognizing this, companies have developed technology that allows real estate agents to provide information on listings and other services that they offer in a way that people want to get it – through text message.

Real estate text marketing Sign & Real Estate Printing allows an agent to attach a sign rider to their property sign that includes a toll free phone number and unique code for each property. When an interested buyer drives by the home they are able to dial the toll free number from their cell phone and receive a text message back with information about the property – photos, description, virtual tour, video. The agent is then notified of the call on the property and can follow up with the potential buyer. In this way, it works much like a more traditional 800 call capture system in that it generates leads for the agent. The major difference being in the way the information is being delivered to the caller.

While real estate text marketing technology is still relatively new, those agents that are on the leading edge and have already incorporated text marketing into their advertising campaigns, are telling of some major benefits. Such as:

  • The ability to generate and capture leads 24/7. It doesn’t matter what time day or night the potential buyer is looking at the property, they are able to get a text message that will give them the information they are looking for and can further interest them in the home.
  • Save money. No more brochures to print. Agents are saving up to 50% using text marketing versus print brochures.
  • Get more listings. Real estate agents demonstrating their text marketing campaign at listing presentations are getting more sellers. Home sellers are impressed with the technology and can see how it will help them sell their home.
  • Real estate text marketing agents is measureable. Agents are able to run reports of leads generated and see how well buyers are responding to the campaign.
  • It is easy to use – especially a real estate text marketing service that allows users to call into a toll free number versus having to text a code in order to receive the property information. The process is easy enough that people of all ages and levels of cell phone experience will be able to use it.
  • A quality real estate text marketing service will be able to deliver property information in multiple languages as well. Agents are finding they are now able to reach multiple demographics for their properties.
  • Go green. Agents are reducing their carbon footprint by using this technology. They no longer need to print brochures or use up the additional resources it takes to drive around and replenish the brochures when all the neighbors come by and take them.