Devon is England’s fourth largest county by geographical area covering nearly 2300 square miles.  It has a population of 1.1 million, making an average of nearly 500 people to every square mile. Whilst this is sufficient for adult fun activities to be reasonably widespread, Devon is not one of the best of counties to live in for easy access to adult dating and swinger party fun. Furthermore, it has a substantial and growing over 50’s population, being one of England’s most popular retirement locations.
To the west, Devon borders Cornwall lingerie which is a more sparsely populated county with fewer opportunities for adult daters and swingers. To the east is Dorset and Somerset. Dorset has an even higher over 50’s population and neither county can be said to be much more favourable to adult dating activities than Devon itself.
The best areas of Devon to live in are the county town of Exeter and the city of Plymouth. Both areas have sizeable numbers of active adult fun seekers who like to meet up and attend swinger parties.
Getting an idea of how much adult fun activity goes on in the county can be reckoned by taking a look at how many profiles are displayed in Devon when browsing leading adult dating sites.
One of the main clubs and sites of this type, is Club Aphrodite and I was able to examine it’s membership records right back to 1996 when I first started it.
People interested in adult dating and swinging quite often decide to sign up with several online swinger sites at the same time. This was taken into account when trying to estimate the total number of people on the adult dating scene for Devon. From that starting point, I have guesstimated that the totals of the numbers of individuals and couples active in adult dating in the county is somewhere in the region of 650 being made up of 250 couples, 220 single males and 180 single females.
What these figures appear to show is that the county of Devon is not one of the better counties to live in when it comes to indulging in some adult dating fun.
There is not an established adult party club venue in Devon at present although one could start up at any time. However, many seasoned swingers consider that the truly memorable parties are more often than not those hosted in private houses, so an absense of an extablished venue is not necessarily a bad thing.