DIY Stores are a great source of ideas for the home. When you next go to a DIY store take a look at the furniture and equipment. Even if you cannot afford the furniture there take in all the ideas. The great thing with a DIY store is that you can buy the materials to make the product you like. You can take your time in finding the right equipment as the product you desire is right there. You can cross reference the materials, screws and bolds.

Take advantage of the support and staff Tools and supplies whilst your there. Ask them for their suggestions and advice. Discuss with them what finish you may need for the furniture. Discuss which materials have proven to be better than the rest and what guarantee’s come with the materials.

Within some stores you’ll also find a great advertisement board with people advertising equipment, unwanted furniture and even carpentry work. This is a great source of knowledge as you could either buy furniture second hand which will be cheaper or you could employ a carpenter to do the work for you if you are not to good at ‘Do it yourself’ work.

It is always a good idea to keep your receipts as often you can purchase material in bulk and find that one or two pieces within the packs don’t meet your standards. This is also a good idea because I would always recommend over calculating on materials as it’s always better to have some leftover than you being short. By keeping your receipts this means you can take the products back if needed.