So you have some land. Perhaps you bought it, acquired it somehow, got a great deal on it, or it was just given to you. Maybe it came along with some real estate that you acquired and you don’t have any use for the extra acreage. At any rate, selling your land has never been easier. While the housing market is suffering a bit the world of land investment has still remained strong-perhaps even more so due to the suffering real estate industry.

At any rate, it isn’t always an easy decision, deciding to sell your land. Even if you know that it is probably the best decision, it doesn’t hurt to have a good case and everybody needs a little persuasion sometimes. To get you started, here are five good reasons why it may be a good idea to sell your land.

You Have No Use for It

If you acquired land somehow and it is just sitting around costing you tax money and a headache, why not sell it? It is easy to hang on to land for too long because people think that selling land is hard to do, that people want land with structures already on it. This is not the case, and when you have the right team around you to help you sell it you stand to reap a nice profit in the meantime.

You Don’t Have the Money to Do Anything Else With It

If you have land and you don’t have the money to develop it, why not sell it to somebody who can put it to good use? This is a great way to make some money off of something that you may not have put any consideration into, and giving somebody else a break in the process.

Because You Inherited It

Inheritance is one of the number one ways that people come across land, at least as far as non-experienced people go whose sole concern is not investment. People inherit land all the time, sometimes from people who they didn’t even know they were related to. This land often sits around and proves no use to anyone. Selling it will at least make you a nice chunk of change!

You Have Other Ideas for Investment

There is no doubt about the fact that land investment is not for everyone. If you have other ideas for investment and lack the cash flow necessary to make them happen, selling your land may be a worthy trade-off. You can get a monkey off of your back and make some funds in the process so that you can direct your efforts elsewhere. Maybe you want to buy a house. Maybe you want to go to college. Maybe you want to buy a boat or a whole fleet of them. Whatever it is, selling your land can give you a great boost in the right direction.

Because You Don’t Know What Else to Do With It

Maybe you got your land intending to flip it. Maybe it was an investment. Maybe it was an inheritance. Who knows how you got it; the point is that you just aren’t doing anything else with it. Sell your land; there is no use hanging onto it. Use the cash for something else that may be more worth your time.